Data Protection Commission Report 2018

Here is a summary of what you need to know:

Each year the Data Protection Commissioner releases a report that highlights the activities and achievements of the office. The report is often used to focus on complaints areas to raise awareness of emerging data protection issues. This report covers the first 5 months of the year up to the launch of the GDPR on the 25th of May 2018. The report marks the end of The Office of the Data Protection Commissioner and the start of the new Data Protection Commission (DPC).
The Data Protection Commissioner Helen Dixon, notes the following:

  • The office received over 20,000 phone calls and email queries during that period, highlighting the support organisations needed in advance of the deadline.
  • There are now 110 people working in their offices; a significant increase when compared with 28 employees in 2015.
  • DPC Budget has been increased by 3.5 million
  • New DPC website under construction
  • Over 1,200 data protection complaints were escalated to the office between January and May. The majority of complaints were in relation to access rights, unfair processing and disclosure of data.
  • 1,250 data breaches were reported over the same period with inappropriate handling or disclosure of personal data being the main culprit. Where technology was the cause of breaches the primary reason was an over reliance on data processors security arrangements.
  • The DPC conducted 23 audits up to the end of May 2018 and many of the organisations required remedial action in certain areas.

The report includes several case studies which help provide clarity for organisations and highlight the risks organisations will face under the expanded GDPR legislation and the prosecution powers of the DPC.
The case studies provide details of investigations into;

  • Marketing to work email addresses
  • Unsolicited marketing text messages
  • Marketing telephone calls
  • CCTV
  • Transmission of personal data over a network.

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The full report can be viewed here :