GDPR Implementation – A Survey of Irish Businesses

Mazars recently surveyed 67 Irish businesses about their experiences implementing GDPR. This report had some interesting findings many of which we can relate to in our dealings with clients. The results of the survey are encouraging with most organisations saying they are satisfied with implementation and largely positive about the impact GDPR has had on their business.

The key takeaways from the report were:

  1. 82% of organisations recognise that GDPR benefits individuals and 64% believe it benefits their business.
  2. 88% are confident they’ve correctly interpreted GDPR rules.
  3. 68% found reaching compliance challenging. With the most significant challenges being:
  • Creating and maintaining processing activities.
  • Documenting and evidencing compliance.
  • Addressing security obligations.
  1. Contracts and legitimate interests are the most popular legal basis for processing.
  2. 56% of businesses have noticed an increase in data subject requests with almost a third saying requests have increased a lot.
  3. 68% of businesses have appointed a DPO.
  4. 61% found the cost of GDPR implementation was more than expected.
  5. 50% of businesses are adopting a wait and see approach with regards to GDPR and Brexit.

While the road to GDPR compliance is not always smooth it is encouraging to see that businesses are confident about their ability to meet the requirements of the regulation and that the process of embedding GDPR has had positive impacts. This has certainly been our experience assisting clients to reach compliance. The process of GDPR has enormous benefits in data management, employee buy in, public trust and overall security.

In sharing this research, one of our key messages to businesses is to use GDPR compliance as an opportunity to improve processes and to become more secure and efficient.
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The full report is available here.