Data Protection Officer

We provide an outsourced DPO service solution, to organisations who struggle to justify a full-time resource to allocated to this role. Within the DPO role we:

  • Serve as an independent expert inside the organisation
  • Deal with privacy and data protection issues and offer internal advice

  • Train staff on data protection matters and improve awareness

  • Monitor your compliance with Data Protection legislation

  • Monitor and assist with Data Protection Impact Assessments

  • Fulfil statutory obligations as per Article 39 GDPR

  • Contact point for all your data subjects

This cost-efficient solution provides on going access to a DPO professional to advise, respond or support on any data protection issue.

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Our advisors bring valuable insight from experience and expertise gained in a wide range of differing business sectors. We use this specialist expertise in preparing businesses for the GDPR. Our services include:

  • Providing awareness of responsibilities under the GDPR
  • Data Protection Strategy Development
  • GDPR Compliance Auditing
  • Data Protection Impact Assessment
  • Business Continuity Planning

We work with you to become compliant with the GDPR and then to ensure you remain compliant.

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Solution Implementation

Our professionals are strong advocates of insuring recommendations are implemented in a practical way and remain with our clients through the implementation process.

  • Policy & Procedure – Develop and document workable solutions
  • Data Management – Establish, what, where and how data flows
  • Subject Access Request – Develop management and response strategy
  • Data Breach Management – Incident response and reporting
  • Privacy & Fair Processing – Develop legally compliant notices

We focus on providing pragmatic GDPR solutions based on operational requirements. We work closely with management and staff to ensure the solutions are integrated into everyday activities.

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Compliance Testing

GDPR requires businesses to demonstrate ongoing testing of the effectiveness of their data protection systems, processes and procedures.

  • Review GDPR risk register
  • Staff data privacy knowledge testing
  • Auditing sub-contractor compliance
  • Review data privacy notices
  • Conduct data breach drills

Ambit Compliance help businesses maintain GDPR compliance with ongoing and one-off audits and process reviews.