Governance for Charities

The Charites Governance Code was issued by the Charities Regulator under section 14(1)(i) of the Charities Act 2009 to ensure charities are managed in an effective, efficient, accountable and transparent way. The Code is intended to provide support to charity trustees by putting in place systems and processes which focus on advancing the charitable purpose and providing a public benefit.

Our services include:

  • Reivew of Policies and Procedures
  • Governance Code Audit .

  • Governance Code Training for the Board

  • Review of your Charity Regulator Compliance Form

Corporate Governance

Corporate governance consists of the processes, practices and structures through which a company manages its business and affairs and works to meet its financial, operational and strategic objectives and achieve long-term sustainability.

Our corporate governance services include:

  • Board Training – Roles and Responsibilities

  • Board Training – Data Protection Awareness.

  • Board Self Evaluation

  • Board Skills Audit.

  • Policy and Procedure Review.